Article marketing

Article marketing is a great way, to present your company, products or services in an original and professional manner. It's a successful method for brand building. The most interesting are the thematic articles valuable to the reader. Great content attracts more visitors. More visitors means more brand awareness and more sales. This method really works. We will get you the first positions on Google.

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First positions is an authoritative website, with first positions in the Google and Seznam search engines.
40% higher sales
Up to 40% more sales for well-known brand.
3 800 +
Branch articles and news from the plastics industry in one place.
Central Europe and the world
We target the CZ, SK, HU, PL and RO markets as well as English-speaking world.

How to do it?

If you are busy or just have no experience in article marketing, we will help you. We will add our experience and knowledge to your content (text + photographs) and prepare the perfect article in Czech, Slovak and English versions.

Sponsored article

Sponsored article

We will publish your article on, and 7 days will be on the home page of the portal, and then it remain on portal in Articles section findable by search engines at any time.

Price 150 €
Sponsored article Plus

Sponsored article Plus

Besides the above mentioned, we will send your article to all plastic companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia through our electronic monthly Newsletter The newsletter has a great readability and it is sent to 6,700 addresses. The article will also be posted on the social networks Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Price 250 €