Banner marketing

A banner is the best tool for building a brand. Be visible 24/7. It pays to invest in a brand. Continuity and brand building has a greater effect in the long run than performance marketing, focused only on sales promotions, where you run the risk of the customer waiting for another advantageous offer and not buying anything. On the contrary, customers trust well-known brand, remember it when they need to buy something and are even willing to pay extra for it.

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10 000+
Average views in 1 month.
Aim straight readers are your potential customers.
Banner across the entire portal
Your banner will appear on the main page and all subpages.
The banner is displayed correctly on the PC, notebook and mobile devices.
Place your banner on

Place your banner on

We will create a banner, that will attract customer. Target people, working in the plastics industry and let your banner take effect for a few months.

Price from 300 € / month